Our Services

The Pet Emporium offers more than just cat or dog grooming. Whether your fury friend needs a quick Padicure, Fluff & Puff, Full Coat Trim or Relaxing Bath we offer a range of grooming spa services to suit their needs.

We believe that grooming is very much part of a dog & cat's overall general health and mental well being. All pets benefit from the grooming process for comfort and well being, un-groomed animals may develop skin complaints that affect them physically and psychologically. It’s not just about the finished appearance, although of course it's nice when your furry friend looks amazing!

Although not all dogs look forward to their regular visits to the salon, a good groomer is there to build a relationship. With praise and treats, invariably a dog can change their view and start enjoying it!

Every dog is different and we cater for their individual needs: we don’t use drying cabinets and only use blasters on confident dogs that don’t mind the noise. You can go about your day safe in the knowledge that they'll be cared for by our team of animal lovers who treat them like one of the family.

Your pet will be professionally groomed and receive expert care in a modern and safe environment. We have invested in the very best washing and drying equipment in order to make the experience for your pet as stress free as possible. All of our experienced grooming staff are fully-qualified and are well versed in all aspects of pet grooming and styling to breed standard, including hand-stripping.

Pet Grooming & Spa Services

Our Full Groom service includes a personal consultation, full cut styled to suit the breed and lifestyle of your pet, eyes, ear and anal gland checks, and finally a Padicure. We will tell you if we feel that anything is amiss with your pet's condition and suggest a suitable course of action. We recognise that there will be times when you wash your pet yourself but for a truly healthy pet we would recommend a professional session with an expert at least every 6 - 8 weeks, more frequently depending on the breed and time of year.

We take the very best care of your pet using the best professional products in our unrivalled grooming salon and spa. Our fully trained staff are focused on animal welfare and customer satisfaction, and we will always endevour to only have two dogs in the salon at any one time and appointments are allotted accordingly. Our goal is to provide your pet with a quality service in a safe and relaxing environment free from cages and drying cabinets.

The Emporium Full Groom – Consultation, Warm Bath, Rub Down Dry, Coat Cut, Ears and Eyes check, Anal Gland check, Nail Clip Padicure.

Bath Only – For most dogs we recommend getting groomed every 6-8 weeks. In hot weather and winter dogs can get dirty and smelly in less than two weeks. Bring your pooch in for a bath whenever he or she loses that fresh scent. We will give them a good bath and fluff them out so they are happy and you are happier.

Shed Out - We can eliminate most shedding on some breeds without needing to shave down your dog. Preserve your dog's image and ask to get a shed out.

Puppy Groom - It is important for your Puppy to experience grooming from a young age whether they have a quick brush & wash, or a full groom. The process of your puppy meeting their groomer and having a friendly and trusting experience makes any future trips to the groomer a pleasant and relaxed one. We take special care with our new puppy clients and make sure to give them a pleasurable first experience. We use tear less shampoo, get them acquainted with the tools, and spend lots of loving playtime with them. This is very important for your puppy's future habits at a grooming salon.

Flea Treatment - If your dog comes to the Spa with fleas we will automatically give them a flea treatment. Fleas are very harmful and annoying for your dog and our all natural flea treatment will kill all the fleas currently on your dog. You will need to seek methods to treat your home to prevent re infestation. If your dog has fleas your home has fleas.

Padicure - If you have a dog that generally does not get groomed or they are just not yet ready for their next groom, bring them in to get their nails trimmed.

For advance bookings please call: 01923 236 667